Event – Creative Connections

A note from Nancy…
I’d like to share some insight into this 3-day workshop.

This concentrated time is the perfect opportunity for students with a proficiency in peyote to expand and explore a variety of structural techniques to push their own creative boundaries with me as their facilitator.

Students will be presented with an array of ‘starts’. These instructions not only teach specific structural techniques including simple shapes: squares, triangles, ovals and circles to the more complex such as: 3-Dimensional critter legs, 45 degree splits, undulations, bells and more, but also give students a jump ‘start’ to creating the Objet d’art piece of their choice.

The emotional aspect of design is also very important. Taking a Master Class in designing can seem intimidating. As a designer and teacher, I want share my passion encouraging students to feel excited, open and ready to set aside the inherent fear or anxiety of needing to be ‘fast, perfect and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.’  The need for perfectionism is the number one road block to derailing design flow and is the killer of joy. I work at keeping my classroom a calm and safe-zone for exploration.

I am excited to be a part of the journey and hope you will join me in exploring your inner designer.