Bead Stitching Shaped Peyote

Nancy Cain

Create Treasured Jewelry with Shaped Peyote Stitch

With a little practice, you’ll find you can create pieces of jewelry that look incredibly expensive. Join me, Nancy Cain, for my new online Craftsy class, Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote, and craft exquisite necklaces, bracelets, and earrings from seed beads.

With my help, you’ll master the fundamentals of shaped peyote stitch as you create breathtaking, three-dimensional accessories. At the beginning of class, I’ll discuss the types of thread that we’ll be using, and how you can prevent common peyote stitch problems.

Connecting your braceletIn the following lesson, you’ll use small beads to create larger, circular beaded beads with three distinct channels. Then, I’ll show you how to embellish those channels with glimmering crystals and three-bead picots. Next, we’ll use round seed beads, cylinder beads, and shaping to create stunning square beads, which you’ll connect into a custom-sized bracelet.

We’ll move on to another variation of shaping. Here, you’ll learn to create triangular beaded shapes that will become a pair of extraordinary earrings—complete with bails and fringe. Sign up for Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote, and get a solid foundation from which to build a wardrobe of shaped peyote stitch jewelry.

On a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico in the late 80’s, I found myself transfixed by a beaded watchband. The cost was well outside of my newly married budget, but as a graphic artist and “crafter” by trade, I didn’t dwell on the price tag. Instead, driven by inspiration, I visited a bead store when I returned home.

Making the componentsAs luck would have it, they had a class on beaded watchbands that very weekend. After I had created and sold more than 140 beaded watchbands, curiosity brought me into a class on beginner peyote stitch. It wasn’t long before I realized I had found my home in bead stitching.

In 2005, I began teaching bead stitching both nationally and internationally. My work has been displayed in numerous museums, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art. In 2010, I was honored as the Designer of the Year for Beadwork Magazine. And to think it all started with just one class.

I hope you’ll share my passion for peyote stitch with me in my new Craftsy class. Sign up for Bead Stitching: Shaped Peyote for 25% off, and develop your dexterity for dazzling jewelry design!

Nancy Cain  | Craftsy Instructor

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I bought the video the moment it came out.  It is wonderful.  I have watched it through once and now will watch it again and stop to complete the projects.  The video was just so good that I didn’t want to stop watching it to bead the projects the first time through.  The video was professionally done as to both sound and the ability to see what you are doing.  The information and tips are great.  I have been to many classes with renown teachers (I would call y’all “Big Needles”), and I really believe I like this forum better.  It is like having a private class but one you can revisit as often as you desire.

Thank you for taking the time to make this video.  I hope this is the first of many, not only from you but also from the other “Big Needles” in our beading communities.

I wish I could send this to your newsletter recipients as a personal endorsement of the Craftsy video, but I will be happy to just say thank you.

Nancy G.