Master Class

Dream Vessel2015 Bead&Button Show

Engineering Vessels 

Understand the process of bead engineering by exploring Peyote stitch, creating your own Dream Vessel. 

“Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Pablo Picasso 

Please join me at Bead&Button Show’s 15th anniversary and my 10th year anniversary teaching at Bead&Button! 

Designing and bead engineering and is a process. To fully master any process and to be able to design “outside the box,” engineering something new, one needs to fully understand the process. My Master Class 2015, “Engineering Vessels,” explores the process of peyote stitch which inherently lends itself to sculpturing techniques.

Through an in-depth exploration and study on the process of techniques within peyote stitch, you will experience and gain an understanding of three-dimensional bead engineering. By understanding design concepts, math and physics behind the stitch, you are then able to explore and execute original complex three-dimensional designs.

I will guide you through the often emotional process of design with a solid foundation in strength and construction. Design and create your unique hollow Dream Vessel pendant or objet d’art utilizing single or multiple engineering techniques of flat, tubular and circular peyote. This master class program will give you the tools, techniques, skills and confidence to delve into your own imagination to design and to create virtually any three-dimensional shape you desire.

Each student receives in-depth reference handouts that define and illustrate various technical and mechanical increases/decreases, shaping in round, angular or a combination with hinges, lids, windows or surface embellishments for their own Dream Vessel.

Day one starts with gaining an understanding of the role of math, technical and/or mechanical shaping and learning to use beads to your advantage. Students will create a ‘sampler’ pack of various techniques that can be used to make their own personal Dream Vessel. I will deconstruct my Dream Vessel so the students can see firsthand the design intent and the resulting three-dimensional piece evolved.

Day two students come in with a solid idea of their Dream Vessel, then as a team we work together understanding the value of networking and sharing, working out the logistics of design and construction. Students then work individually creating their Dream Vessel with day three continuing to make their vision a reality.

Who should take this class? This class is for advanced beaders who are proficient in peyote stitch and have an interest in designing three-dimensional shapes and advancing their technical proficiency in beading. This class will focus on designing and engineering shapes. Although the class will discuss and explore the nuance of the basics this is not a basic peyote class.

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