Class Offerings

Celestial Crown

Celestial_Crown_classOne-day workshop
Level: intermediate/advanced
Technique: peyote, embellishment, stringing

This peyote stitched pendant reminds me of a heraldic crown having rays like an antique crown with a star at the end of each ray. I have engineered four bezelled 14mm Swarovski Rivoli stones to project out from four interconnected arms. Finish off the top and bottom of the component with two fabulous 18mm large-hole briolette crystal beads. This long and playful pendant, suspended from an elegant strand of pearls interspersed with bicone crystals, is fun to play with!


Couture Cuff

Couture_class_offeringsOne-day workshop
Level: intermediate/advanced
Prerequisite: Odd count flat Peyote

Couture: High Fashion Design, Haute, Attention to Detail, Sophisticated, Elegant, Custom-made.

In the style of expensive, fashionable, and hand sewn couture clothing, we are able to create our own high fashion custom accessories with beads, crystals and time invested in attention to detail.

Couture Cuff is a beautifully sophisticated statement piece handcrafted in structural peyote. The structure of the cuff’s channel is stitched with an inventive technique that I developed called Pinch-in-the-Ditch.

The reward of taking time to handcraft the Couture Cuff is a magnificent display of beads and crystals, so comfortable to wear and beautiful to behold on the wrist.


Four Seasons

Four Seasons class offeringsOne-day workshop
Level: intermediate
Techniques: tubular peyote, tubular netting

A long, swinging pendant with lots of pizzazz in the fringe, Four Seasons further explores my Pinch-in-the-Ditch technique. This exploration allows for increased structural ability and strength that creates a strong, hollow barrel of structural peyote supporting twelve strands of beaded rings and Swarovski leaf pendants. A continuous organic rope of four-loop netting blends seamlessly into the top of the barrel.


Fusion Ring & Bracelet

FusionOne-day workshop
Level: intermediate/advanced
Technique: peyote, embellishment

This watch style piece is built from two separate components designed a year apart that have been fused together. The key is keeping all of your ‘bead bits’ in a bowl for future use! The individual components are engineered with Peyote stitch and built in stages allowing the underside to have a fun peek-a-boo of embellishment. It is created from the outside-in and the inside-out alternately using the working  and tail threads. You can make a bangle bracelet just using the square Puffy Links or a ring of just the center component.


La Belleza de los Muertos (Bella)

One-day workshop
Level: intermediate
Techniques: Tubular peyote/Pinch-in-the-Ditch/Chenille

Dia dos Muertos- (Day of the Dead) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and by people of Mexican ancestry living in other places, especially the United States. It is acknowledged internationally in many other cultures and celebrated in connection with the Catholic holidays of All Saint’s Day and All Hollow’s Day. The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey.

La Belleza de los Muertos means ‘Beauty of the Dead.” Beautiful sugar skulls are often used to decorate the gravestones of the deceased and many of the sugar skulls are decorated with flowers meant to symbolize life. The skull symbolizes death but in a positive manner an in Mexico it is believed that death is not the final stage in one’s life but rather a step forward into a higher level of conscience and rebirth.

La Belleza de los Muertos ‘Bella’ is my interpretation of a beaded sugar skull with flower patterns on her and is surrounded by deeply bezeled 14mm Swarovski rivolis. I have used tubular peyote with my Pinch-in-the-Ditch technique for the side flowers and sculptural peyote for the hollow 3D sugar skull.


Mezzaluna – Earrings & Pendant

Mezzaluna Earrings and PendantOne-day workshop
Level: intermediate
Technique: tubular and flat peyote, embellishment

Mezzaluna is crescent or half-moon in Italian. The crescent earrings are flirtatious and fun, created from experimenting with my Vessel No. 1 components. Design discussions include how to take an existing structure and learning how to create out-of-the-box design ideas from one project to the next. The pendant is an elegantly simple full-moon with a 12mm pearl in the center suspending from a rope of tubular peyote.


Posie Pendant

Posie Pendant3-hour class
Level: high beginner/intermediate
Technique: peyote

Posie Pendant is a cute and stylish 3-hour class that incorporates my newest technique called Pinch-in-the-Ditch. It creates a 45 degree angle with the beads causing the ‘Pinch’. It is a new way to create channels and layering within a piece. I have created a 3-layer pendant that encases a 14mm rivoli crystal in the front center. The rope has simple, but clever beaded beads in the strand allowing for additional accents.

Sea Flower

Sea FlowerOne-day workshop
Level: intermediate/advanced
Prerequisite: Peyote stitch

The elegant Sea Flower necklace is reminiscent of sea urchins and anemones of ocean tide pools. Learn a new technique I developed called Pinch-in-the-Ditch. It is related to stitch-in-the-ditch but with a new twist. Create structural shapes around three 14mm Swarovski rivoli stones with seed beads and circular peyote stitch. The central rivoli is double encased and made with the Pinch-in-the-Ditch technique.  The rope is tubular peyote with gentle undulations. This Pinch-in-the-Ditch technique has multiple uses and applications well beyond this project.

Saint Lucia

LuciaOne-day workshop
Level: intermediate/advanced
Techniques: Tubular peyote, chenille stitch

In Italian the meaning of the name Lucia is: Graceful Light. It comes from the Latin word Lux (Light) Lucia is an ancient mythical figure with an abiding role as a bearer of light in the dark Swedish winters. For many, many years Lucia has brought faith, hope, and a reason to believe in good things to come.

My Lucia necklace is a lantern of Swarovski light made in tubular peyote with my Pinch-in-the-Ditch technique. Strands of delicate fringe hang beneath. The long rope is made with classic Chenille stitch.