Glenwood Bracelet

Glenwood BraceletGlenwood Bracelet
Cost: $90.00 + shipping

Use Delicas to create this classy bangle bracelet in peyote flat stitch, while learning a new way to create window openings in the weave. You have the option of creating this bangle with the arches to the inside or outside for a more feminine style. Understand bead and thread use as an integral design element. Included with the instructions are six size adjustments for wrists 5 1/2” to 7 3/4”.

Glenwood Bracelet color choices

l-r: black with 24k gold marbling; dark rosy topaz; olivine with 24k gold marbling; marine green; purple.

Kit includes:

  • Complete detailed instructions with color images
  • 1 color Toho Aiko beads
  • Up to 3 colors of Delica or Aiko accent beads
  • 1 or 2 colors of 15/0 seed beads
  • Window accent beads (vary depending on kit color)
  • Thread – One G
  • Fine weight Fireline or WildFire
  • Needles - Size 12 (packet of 25)

Other supplies needed:

  • Thread scissors
  • Zapper (if desired)
  • Beeswax natural or synthetic (if desired)
  • 13 needle for possible tight spots (if desired)
  • Lighting (if desired)
  • Eye magnification (as needed)


Color Choice