Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid's Arrow necklaceCupid’s Arrow
Cost: $105.00 + shipping

The legend of Cupid, the young god who shot arrows into the heart of humans so they would fall in love is an endearing theme of intimacy, commitment and passion. We could all use a little bit more love in the world and what better way to remind us than with the beads we love!

The 3-dimensional sculptural arrow, supported by an open crystal framed heart, is the focal piece and the claspof this necklace suspended with a strap of embellished St. Petersburg chain.

Cost: $105.00 + shipping

Kit includes:

  • Complete detailed instructions with color images
  • 3 colors – size 15/0 Japanese seed beads
  • 2 colors – size 11/0 Japanese seed beads
  • 2 colors – size 11 Japanese Delica beads
  • 1 color – Spiral Bugle beads
  • Swarovski Bicone crystals in two sizes
  • Thread – One G
  • Fireline
  • Needles - Size 12 (packet of 25)
  • Hook and eye – size 0

Other supplies needed:

  • Thread scissors
  • Zapper (if desired)
  • Beeswax natural or synthetic (if desired)
  • Lighting (if desired)
  • Eye magnification (as needed)