Baltic Gems Egg

Baltic Gems Egg Baltic Gems Egg
Size: Approx. 2 ½” high x 2″ wide
Cost: $85.00 + shipping

Create an elegant 3-dimensional hinged gem box, inspired by the Russian onion dome cathedrals and the Renaissance Style Faberge’ Easter Egg.

The Renaissance Egg was the last egg made for Czar Alexander III to present to his wife, Marie Feodorovna in 1894. The eggs always had a surprise inside with the intention of providing a little thrill of pleasure, the memory of which would persist for the rest of that day.  The surprise in the original Renaissance Egg has been lost to time. Fill your jewelry box egg with a treasure of your own.

All Eggs come in Natural ‘egg‘ white, with 24k-plated gold and crystal 24k-lined beads. Swarovski Rose Montee’ crystals are all clear ‘diamond’ color.

Accent Swarovski crystal marguerite and sequin color options available are:

Colorado Light Topaz color

Colorado Light Topaz marguerites and Topaz sequins

Erinite color

Erinite (marguerites and sequins)

Volcano color

Volcano (marguerites and sequins)

Kit includes:

  • Complete detailed instructions with color images
  • 2 colors of Delica beads
  • 3 colors of 15/0 seed beads
  • 2 colors 11/0 seed beads
  • 2 – 8mm Swarovski marguerite crystals
  • 7 – 3mm vertical drilled Swarovski sequins
  • 15 – 3mm Swarovski Rose Montee’ stones- Sterling silver frames with clear Crystals
  • Thread -  Nymo B Spool or One G
  • Needles -  Size 12 (packet of 25)

Other supplies needed:

  • Thread scissors
  • Zapper (if desired)
  • Beeswax natural or synthetic (if desired)
  • 13 needle for possible tight spots (if desired)
  • Lighting (if desired)
  • Eye magnification (as needed)

Accent Crystal Colors