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Baltic Gems Egg

Baltic Gems Egg Baltic Gems Egg
Size: Approx. 2 ½” high x 2″ wide
Cost: $85.00 + shipping

Create an elegant 3-dimensional hinged gem box, inspired by the Russian onion dome cathedrals and the Renaissance Style Faberge’ Easter Egg.

The Renaissance Egg was the last egg made for Czar Alexander III to present to his wife, Marie Feodorovna in 1894. The eggs always had a surprise inside with the intention of providing a little thrill of pleasure, the memory of which would persist for the rest of that day.  The surprise in the original Renaissance Egg has been lost to time. Fill your jewelry box egg with a treasure of your own. read more »

Bonbon Necklace

Bonbon NecklaceBonbon Necklace
Instructions only cost: $35.00 + shipping

Now you can use your stash of Swarovski 14mm #1122 rivoli stones for this wearable, elegant necklace. It is sleek and simple, yet technically complex. Each crystal bonbon displays two different colored stones back-to-back, making this necklace reversible. Use a bright and vivid rivoli crystal on one side and a subtle sophisticated color on the other or use all different colors! Make three or five bonbons depending on your ‘bling’ preference. Ndebele and tubular peyote stitches are used for the necklace finishing with a beaded T-bar toggle and ring. read more »

Bridge Ring

Bridge-Ring-2013Bridge Ring
Instructions only cost: $35.00 + shipping

This is a comfortable ring that can be made with pearls, bicone crystals or a combination of accents. In one stitching technique, combine circular and flat peyote to make this beautifully engineered channel set ring. read more »

Crystal Bridges Bracelet

Crystal Bridges BraceletCrystal Bridges Bracelet
Instructions only – cost: $35.00 + shipping

This ‘Red Carpet’ worthy piece can be the perfect accent to the little black dress, or jazz up a pair of jeans!

In one stitching technique, combine circular and flat peyote to make this bulky bangle bracelet. The strap increases automatically with each ‘crystal bridge’ made. It is flexible, strong and comfortable to wear. The clasp toggle recedes into the bracelet for a seamless look.   read more »

Crystal Petal

Crystal Petal
Instructions only – cost: $35.00 + shipping

The interconnected 3-dimensional petal pendant is created in 2-dimensionalmodified circular peyote, and then framed with 4mm bicone crystals. The netted strap with peek-a-boo windows reveals a core of 4mm bicone crystals. Finish the necklace with a simply elegant and innovative new toggle clasp.

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Cupid’s Arrow

Cupid's Arrow necklaceCupid’s Arrow
Cost: $105.00 + shipping

The legend of Cupid, the young god who shot arrows into the heart of humans so they would fall in love is an endearing theme of intimacy, commitment and passion. We could all use a little bit more love in the world and what better way to remind us than with the beads we love!

The 3-dimensional sculptural arrow, supported by an open crystal framed heart, is the focal piece and the claspof this necklace suspended with a strap of embellished St. Petersburg chain. read more »

Diamond Elegance

Diamond EleganceDiamond Elegance
Instructions only cost: $35.00 + shipping

Stitch this elegantly simple bracelet, worthy of pairing with your fine jewelry using two colors of 15/0 Japanese seed beads. The strands are made with a 2-dimensional variation of tubular netting that I discovered while playing with beads.  The bracelet ends with a unique bead cap in tubular peyote that you will find useful in other projects.

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size 5 x 5 1/2″
Cost: 125.00 + shipping

Make this realistic art sculpture while understanding increases and decreases in tubular peyote. Learn the critical aspect of thread tension in flat peyote stitch in this self-supporting, 3-dimensional dragonfly using 15/0 seed beads. This same dragonfly pattern was made using 8/0 seed beads and was a finalist in the 2005 Bead&Button’s Bead Dream competition. read more »

Glenwood Bracelet

Glenwood BraceletGlenwood Bracelet
Cost: $90.00 + shipping

Use Delicas to create this classy bangle bracelet in peyote flat stitch, while learning a new way to create window openings in the weave. You have the option of creating this bangle with the arches to the inside or outside for a more feminine style. Understand bead and thread use as an integral design element. Included with the instructions are six size adjustments for wrists 5 1/2” to 7 3/4”. read more »

Sea Urchin Necklace

Sea-Urchin-kitSea Urchin Pendant
Instructions only – cost: $35.00 + shipping

This Sea Urchin pendant uses an engineered beaded ’shell’ that combines circular and flat peyote in one stitching technique. Sparkly Swarovski 4mm bicone crystals embellish each arch and encircle the center hole. Swarovski 12mm crystal pearls representing the sea fill the shell between the arches. The pendant suspends from a strap of alternating 2-drop/1-drop tubular peyote making a softly squared rope.
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Stone Pendant

Stone Pendant
Instructions only – cost $35 + shipping

This unique pendant necklace uses stone donuts in a new way! No more beading around the stone. The stone donut will face forward without any armature to support it- just beads and thread!

This project pays attention to the physics required to support and suspend a heavy stone donut, so that it will lay flat and hang facing forward without armature. It is simple in appearance, yet requires a great deal of attention to a few specific points of construction. read more »